Hackers are moving their attention to mobile devices. Here’s why.

I recently read this article that states that hackers are moving their attention to mobile devices. This is exactly what I expected. Let me tell you why.

Here are some of the reason why I think hackers are moving their attention to mobile devices:

    • At the rate this is going, there will soon be more mobile devices than actual “PCs” (although that line is very thin – what is a PC and what is a phone…)
    • Mobile devices most of the time are personal, which is more likely to equal ‘unpatched ’and/or more suited to access non-work related content which is a known attack source
    • Hackers these days often are after personal data. Guess what is the primary data on mobile device.
    • A mobile device is always connected by definition, exactly what hackers need.
    • Ever heard of a mobile device firewall?
    • Are mobile device virus scanners mainstream?
    • Twitter and the likes have created a massive surge in the use of URL shorteners / encryptors taking away the one “safety’ that non-tech-savvy users have (recognizing the web address)

    Another future anecdote is that Apple so far has been claiming the security of their platform versus Microsoft’s is better. If they maintain their dominance in the mobile devices market then they will find out that they will be struck just as hard (if not harder) because it’s an evitable fact that hackers target the platform that the majority uses. It’s not personal, just business Glimlach.


Here’s the article I was talking about:

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