Installing print drivers and migrating the logical printers on Terminal Server

With all the beauty of Universal Printers being available in all major desktop virtualization products, installing a printer driver often is still needed for some printers. This article tells you how to do it via a PowerShell script. Then we will look at how to

The script isn’t specific to Citrix or Terminal Server but on such environments we need to preload all drivers because users do not have the permissions to do that.

I have chosen for PowerShell because you can do it in a one-liner which makes it easy to run this script from my Altiris server on all Citrix Servers.

The idea is that we enumerate all the shared printers on a Printer Server and make a connection to each printer. This will make sure that the driver is installed if it wasn’t already present.

The script could even be scheduled to enforce that newly added printer drivers are added to each Citrix Server.

Read the script here:

Once you have installed the drivers, you can start migrating the printers, print queues, ports etc. The tool to use for this if you are running 2008 and beyond is Printbrm.exe.

Printbrm.exe is a command-line tool to export print queues, printer settings, printer ports, and language monitors, and then import them on another print server that is running a Windows operating system. This is an efficient way to consolidate multiple print servers or replace an older print server.

Read more about it here:

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