Quest vWorkspace 7.2 Failover Mode

vWorkspace 7.2 has a newly added feature called “Failover Mode” that allows for a temporary virtual desktop in the event your normal virtual desktop is not available. This blog post shows the user experience.

What is Failover Mode?

Failover Mode - With this release, there is a new failover registry entry.  You can use this mode for the following situation: If a persistent computer is not available, failover mode provides a user with a free temporary VM from the same group.  Note that the user does not receive notification that they are receiving a temporary computer, so administrators may want to use a type of notification to the users, such as using a different Desktop background.

Here is the scenario for your user….

Let’s say you have a group of users who utilize Virtual Desktops to transact important information and your management has asked you to architect for availability.  Furthermore the desktop can be interrupted but must be available quickly.  You could leverage vWorkspace and enable the Failover Mode feature to allow the user to be reconnected to a VM if their primary VM becomes unavailable.

Without this feature the user would be given an error stating that there are no VM’s available and the system would try to connect if the VM became available. That would probably lead to a call to the helpdesk. Depending on the cause, the administrator might even have to make the persistent VM available by means of motioning over the VM to another host or recover the VM and repair the host. Even then, the problem could be inside the virtual desktop itself, leaving it still 'broken'.

Creating computer groups in Failover Mode allows the user to automatically get the next temporary VM in the computer group.  The user will be able to continue using this VM until the original VM comes available.  Here is a video that shows the user experience when failover mode is both enabled and disabled.

Source: vWorkspace Community

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