PowerShell Script to reboot groups of Terminal Servers

Large Terminal Server farm need staggered rebooting to prevent admins to have a very bad morning (this is when you get in the office to find out that none of your Terminal Servers rebooted successfully). Here’s how PowerShell can help you, by Remko Weijen.

The TSSHUTDN tool is handy since it can issue a warning to logged on users, log them out after a certain period and finally issue the reboot.

Since I needed to add a scheduled task to many servers I wanted to do this with a script.

WMI Exposes the Win32_ScheduledJob Class and it’s Create Method.

The parameters, especially StartTime, are constructed very odly and I can never remember them.

So I wrote a very simple wrapper in PowerShell to make it a little easier for the next time:

# Weekdays
$Mo = 1 ; $Tu = 2 ; $We = 4 ; $Th = 8 ; $Fr = 16 ; $Sa = 32 ; $Su = 64

# Get Time Bias
$Bias = $Bias = "{0:D3}" -f [int][System.TimeZoneInfo]::Local.BaseUtcOffset.TotalMinutes

# Get Correct Sign
if ($Bias -gt 0) { $Sign = "+" } else { $Sign ="-" }

# Fill in these parameters
$Command = "tsshutdn.exe 900 /reboot /delay:300 /v"
# Time in HHMMSS (24h)
$Time = "020000"
$Repeat = $true

# if $Repeat = False then $Days must be 0 else combine days with -bor
$Days = $Mo -bor $We -bor $Fr
# End fill in

# Compose StartTime String
$StartTime = [System.String]::Concat("********", $Time, ".000000", $Sign, $Bias)

# Add the task, note that DaysOfMonth and InteractWithDesktop (last 2 params) are not used
([wmiclass]"Win32_ScheduledJob").Create($Command, $StartTime, $Repeat, $Days, $null, $false)



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