VMMUpdate: Free MS SCVMM update script

VMMUpdate creates a report of required updates for technologies used by the SCVMM server and all Hosts.

  • Windows
  • Hyper-V
  • Failover Cluster

As well as components SCVMM and other technologies leverage…

  • WinRM
  • BITS
  • WMI
  • VDS
  • VSS


VMMUpdate should be run on the SCVMM server and all Hosts once a month.


Be Proactive. Prevent Problems.

  • Updates are released regularly for SCVMM Server, Hosts, and the Admin Console.

  • These updates must be applied to all Hosts no matter how many you have… very time consuming.

Doesn’t Windows Update take care of updates for me?

Not necessarily. There are certain Hotfixes that need to be downloaded manually, but for the most part Windows Update is the key. Unfortunately, rules in WSUS are sometimes set up such that all updates required do not find their way to SCVMM systems. So, there are layers of complexity in keeping systems up to date.


Download the tool below by clicking the big GREEN BUTTON. Run ‘VMMUpdate.x’ from an elevated command prompt, or simply right click it and run as Administrator. Download the latest script version every few months below.

Instructions: Download, extract, right click VMMUpdate.x and run as Administrator!

Download VMMUpdate


This script has been tested on many systems. That said, if you run into problems follow the directions below.

  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • Start the script with ‘VMMUpdatev1.x.cmd /debug’
  • Email all console output along with problem description to



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