vWorkspace Self-Service for desktop virtualization

One of the biggest ‘wants’ that I hear from people that are deploying desktop virtualization (VDI in this case) is self-service capabilities. This article shows how you can do that with vWorkspace.

As you may know, since version 7.2 of Quest vWorkspace a new valuable feature has been made available helping our customers to achieve higher levels of automation and integration. We are talking about PowerShell scripting using the vWorkspace PowerShell Module which allows you to automate common vWorkspace administrative tasks and integrate with other products with great ease.

Many of our customers are asking about the ways to leverage the PowerShell Module to provide administrators and end users a self service management web portal to ease the management of Virtual Desktops and other automated tasks. In this new blog article we are going to demonstrate and provide you with a simple ASP.NET web site targeted to end users that will allow them to perform basic power management actions against their Virtual Desktops like Power On, Power Off and Reset Desktops.

Although the scripts and code provided only demonstrate power management actions, we have left open the option to edit or add new PowerShell scripts so you can customize the experience with other actions like, computer and application management. If you wish to download the vWorkspace PowerShell module and see a full list of the currently supported PowerShell cmdlets follow this document link hosted here in the vWorkspace Community.

Please note that this sample ASP.NET Web Portal and the information provided in this article is not developed, maintained or supported by Quest Software and the main purpose of this article is to provide insight on how to leverage our vWorkspace PowerShell module.

The screenshot below illustrates the vWorkspace simple ASP.NET Web Portal that you can download and test in your own environment.


You can also watch this simple ASP.NET PowerShell enabled portal in action by looking at this video:



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