Explaining Exclusions in App-V

Aaron Parker has a good article up on how to deal with Exclusions in App-V.

Exactly how do folder and Registry exclusions work in App-V? Aaron had presumed that exclusions for both folder and Registry paths would carry over to package execution. This is something that Aaron had made some assumptions about and it’s only recently that I looked into exclusions in detail to get a better understanding. Aaron spent some time working out how folder and Registry exclusions and Merge/Override settings impact the package at runtime.

Why Exclude?

When virtualizing an application, we may need to avoid capturing specific paths for several reasons:

  • Reduce the size of the package (installers often put files down that aren’t required for an application to execute, such as cached setup files)
  • Prevent conflicts with data already on the client (preventing a virtualised view of specific paths so that a virtualised application does not see different data to application running outside of App-V)
  • When running an operating system component such as Internet Explorer inside the bubble, we may want to ensure that the application sees the same data inside and outside the bubble


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