Quest offers free vWorkspace licenses for VMware View users

In a ‘bold’ move, Quest has launched a program which allows VMware View users to trade in their licenses for vWorkspace licenses, for free.

Quest today announced a new program that allows VMware View owners to trade up to 250 View licenses for Quest vWorkspace licenses at no charge! The offer also includes an unlimited quantity of additional license purchases at a 25 percent discount throughout 2011. This offer from Quest provides a flexible, cost-effective and scalable alternative for VMware View owners who are unable to grow their desktop virtualization projects due to higher-than-expected costs, unacceptable end-user experience, hypervisor lock-in, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as the only delivery option.

Read the complete press release here.

The top five Quest vWorkspace incremental benefits:

  1. Blends technologies for lower cost: Pure VDI is expensive, and more than most task-oriented workers need to do their jobs. vWorkspace customers can use a mix of VDI and Terminal Server/RD Session Host to reduce average cost per user.
  2. Avoids platform lock-in: vWorkspace offers support for multiple hypervisors, including Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Parallels Virtuozzo, in addition to VMware ESX.
  3. Optimizes user experience on local and wide area networks: vWorkspace optimizes RDP performance and accelerates delivery of images and multimedia content to provide a high quality experience for both LAN- and WAN-connected users.
  4. Manages automation: vWorkspace features intuitive, console-driven scheduling and automation of management tasks.
  5. Enables advanced user profile management: vWorkspace ensures consistent desktop and application profiles, and manages preferences across different connections and work environments without the need to purchase additional products.

To learn more about this trade-in offer, visit


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  1. Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect also allows organizations to mix VDI, Terminal Server and Blade PCs, and manage access to all those platforms with one management tool and license scheme.

    In addition, WebConnect supports over a dozen hypervisors. This flexibility helps organizations save money by allowing them to select the lowest cost hypervisor that meets their needs.

    For more information, visit:


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