Should the VDI world watch out for the new VDI solution by Oracle?

This article discusses what Oracle is up to in the VDI world and what has happened since a period of silence.

The first statement from the Senior VDI manager: ‘ Oracle VDI is here to stay. It’s being heavily invested in. Larry Ellisson wants to be number 1 in the VDI market. Therefore, VDI has been positioned as a separate global business unit within Oracle.

The Oracle VDI solution is actually a Sun VDI solution, which Sun started to develop and was announced about 2 years ago. However, with the integration of Sun into Oracle going not quite as planned, the VDI solution has been delayed. The proposition is sort of a remake of the Sun Ray solution. A new solution with Oracle’s own hardware (Still branded Sun) and software. The new version will be including multimedia support and USB2 redirection. However it is mainly a software product.

Oracle positions the following products within the VDI market:

Oracle VDI Infrastructure

  • Brokering, management, hosting, access in one

Oracle Secure Global Desktop

  • High secure remote desktop or application publication

Oracle Sun Ray Clients

  • Hardware or software client software (Windows, OSX, Linux)

The hardware clients consist of three new models:

  • Sun Ray 3, will cost about 200 euro
    • This is the standard thin client model
  • Sun Ray 3+, will cost about 400 euro
    • This is the advanced thin client model with dual monitor support
  • Sun Ray 3i, will cost about 550 euro
    • This is a LCD screen with an integrated standard client mode


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