VMware vSphere client for iPad walk-through

VMware has released an iPad version of the vSphere client. Gabri van Zanten has a look at if it is any good…

Today VMware released the long awaited VMware vSphere client for the iPad. Since VMworld 2010 the rumors where that the vSphere client for iPad would be released anytime soon, but unfortunately we had to wait until today before we could play with it. The VMware vSphere client for the iPad is FREE and great for some very basic admin tasks, but to be honest it’s no rocketscience.

The vSphere client for iPad is not just an app that let’s you connect to your vCenter, you connect to the new and rebuild vCMA appliance which then makes a connection to vCenter. The vCMA can be downloaded here: VMware also released this instruction video to make setting up the vCMA a lot easier. Once you have setup the vCMA, you can connect the vSphere client for iPad to the vCMA (even through a firewall) and take control of your vSphere environment.

Think you guessed it by now. The vSphere client for iPad is great for showing off at work. It looks really great and the UI is very intuitive, but ….. it has just way to few features to be really useful and I think because of that you will download the app, play with it and very seldom use it again.

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