PCoIP Server Offload Card Details Online

The PCoIP offload cards have been a long time coming. Although I don’t think they are quite there yet, there is a webpage on Terradici’s site that provides more information.

No pricing yet ….

Recover server CPU capacity

VDI implementations are typically constrained by the servers’ CPUs. The many tasks a CPU performs, together with PCoIP® protocol image encoding, limits the number of virtual machines that can run on any one server. By offloading image encoding to a separate hardware encoding card CPU capacity can be recovered, resulting in multiple benefits.

The PCoIP Server Offload Card features a brand new TERA2800® processor designed from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of VDI.

By constantly monitoring the CPU and graphic encoding demands of each virtual machine, the Server Offload Card dynamically and seamlessly offloads the most demanding PCoIP protocol image encoding tasks from the CPU.

The Server Offload Card automatically determines – in real time – which displays will benefit the most from hardware acceleration. The transitions to and from the CPU and Server Offload Card happen instantly and transparently, protecting the users’ experience even as loads change.

This optimal use of resources ensures that the graphical demands of each virtual machine are met and that performance scales as new virtual machines are added.

Increase VDI consolidation ratios

The Server Offload Card typically reduces server CPU utilization by up to 30% to 50%, freeing up valuable CPU cycles which can be used to support even more virtual machines, allow existing virtual machines to run more intensive applications, or simply to provide more headroom to your VDI implementation.

With 2GB of onboard memory, each Server Offload Card can support up to 64 displays at a resolution of 1920x1200, up to 32 dual displays, or up to 32 displays at a resolution of 2560x1600.

Better user experience

The PCoIP protocol delivers an uncompromised user experience. The increased performance provided by the Server Offload Card enables that experience to be delivered to a greater number of users from each server, and provides a reliable and consistent level of experience regardless of the overall demand on server CPUs. In addition, the Server Offload Card is matched to provide the highest possible performance for zero clients.

Plug and play

The Server Offload Card is a true plug and play solution. The card is simply plugged into the server and hardware acceleration is selected in VMWare View™.

Increase IT efficiencies

The Server Offload Card enables overall IT cost reductions because more users can be supported on each server. This translates into fewer servers, less data center floor space, decreased power consumption and lower maintenance.


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