RingCube releases vDesk 4.0

Ringcube has announced the release of version 4.0 of its OS virtualization platform called vDesk, announcing a shift from management of hosted virtualization to providing so called Containers for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments.

One of VDI’s most persistent challenges is the inability to scale across an organization to its various types of employees. Most organizations choose to implement pooled VDI deployments in order to keep storage and infrastructure costs low, thereby forgoing the ability to personalize users’ desktops and negatively affecting user acceptance and adoption.

Now with RingCube, no longer is VDI restricted only to certain workers - employees who require highly personalized desktops can now be included in VDI implementations. RingCube’s vDesk is a complementary offering to VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop that offers highly personalized user desktops without adding any additional management overhead. It also supports virtualizing the entire desktop, including department-level and user-installed applications.

Benefits of RingCube's new vDesk 4.0 include:

  • Maximizing an organization's VDI user base
    • Expands VDI rollouts beyond task workers to employees that require customized desktops, including knowledge and mobile workers
    • Virtualizes a user's complete desktop environment, including applications, data, profile and settings; and also supports department and user-installed applications
  • Rolling out VDI faster and more efficiently
    • Minimal setup requirements; easy to implement and utilize
    • Leverages IT staff's existing Windows management expertise with no steep learning curve
  • Simplifying management of VDI
    • Easy to setup and configure; can be up and running in minutes
    • Minimal training requirements for IT staff
    • No management console to learn or support
  • Reducing VDI infrastructure costs
    • Utilizes pooled VDI model for lower storage costs while still offering 100 percent persistent personalization
    • Unlike other virtualization technologies, works seamlessly with VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop by supporting their image management capabilities and preserving their ability to reduce storage costs
    • Integrates with application management and provisioning tools so an organization’s existing management structure is maintained
  • Lowering VDI’s cost per user and increasing ROI
    • Dramatically decreases a VDI project’s cost per user, because a larger percentage of employees can utilize VDI. vDesk v4.0 also increases a VDI project’s return on investment.


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