New version of the vWorkspace PowerShell Module with computer provisioning

Quest have released a new version of the vWorkspace PowerShell module for download. This release is very exciting because it adds provisioning capabilities to the vWorkspace PowerShell module! This release of the vWorkspace PowerShell module allows you to achieve even higher levels of automation.

r example, in addition to setting installing/uninstalling/upgrading PNtools on any/all computers from a PowerShell script (which was already possible with the previous release of the vWorkspace PowerShell module), with this release you can now also create computer groups using the vWorkspace PowerShell module and provisioning computers to a group, using the broad set of options that the vWorkspace Management Console also offers you.


This is the complete list of all new CMDlets that have been introduced in this release of the vWorkspace PowerShell module:

•    Get-QVWComputer

•    Get-QVWComputerGroup

•    Get-QVWDistributionTarget

•    Set-QVWProvisioningSettings

•    New-QVWComputerGroup

•    New-QVWComputer

•    New-QVWWANAccelerationSettings

•    New-QVWAccessSchedule

•    New-QVWAutoExpandSettings

•    New-QVWNamingConventions

As always, all documentation on these new CMDlets in this beta of the vWorkspace PowerShell module can be found on our wiki site here:

So there you go. Now you can almost automate every aspect of a vWorkspace environment, from installing vWorkspace to creating computer groups and from adding farms to provisioning desktops. Feel free to go ahead and the new download the vWorkspace PowerShell module. Also be sure to check the check the beta section of the vWorkspace Community for beta versions of the vWorkspace Powershell Module with new functionality.


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