Sepago Profile Migrator 2.2

Sepago is hard at work at their profile migrator product. This Friday they will release a new version, 2.2. So what are the new features?

Migration of user profiles into the cloud

The cloud is the synonym for a maintenance-free no-worries IT environment. No own data center, no maintenance windows and no more patch days. The cloud service provider takes care of the smooth running of the infrastructure.

The only question that pops up is how user profiles stored on local machines or on servers will get into the cloud.

With the Cloud & VDI mode, Profile Migrator helps you migrate the settings you want into the cloud, such that your users can continue work with their familiar settings immediately.

Your step into the cloud thus becomes a resounding success!

Change to roaming profiles

As a matter of principle, Windows stores user profiles on the local machine. In many scenarios, however, it is beneficial to provision user profiles centrally on servers, making your staff independent of the physical device.

With the Cloud & VDI mode of Profile Migrator 2.2, you also have the opportunity to convert your previously locally provisioned user profiles into roaming profiles.

In this context, you can determine which settings are to be transferred to the new profiles on the servers and which settings in the profiles are to be cleaned out.

Your staff will be able to enjoy all advantages of roaming profiles with clean and lean profiles. The staff workflow stays ensured with full flexibility.

Change of domain membership

In the context of corporate mergers or the spin-off of business units, IT managers are confronted again and again with the challenge of having to migrate user profiles and data across domain boundaries.

From version 2.2, Profile Migrator supports cross-domain profile migration in all migration scenarios. No matter whether the user profiles are local, stored on servers, or located in VDI or cloud environments.

The cost of a corporate merger or spin-off of business units can be lowered significantly by Profile Migrator, and an early Return on Investment is assured.


You can evaluate the software without time limit - the download page is here. Currently, Profile Migrator 2.2 is available as beta there. From Friday onwards, the final version will be available


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