Make your ThinApp packages start quicker

This article describes how to make the startup of ThinApped applications faster. There are many things you can do and most of them are application specific.

I thought a blogs post providing the tweaks that generally provides the best effect for the lowest amount of time spent would be of interest.

  1. Get rid of the %Fonts% folder. We will virtualize any fonts being installed during the Setup Capture process. The problem is that it takes time to activate them on start of the application. Why not delete the fonts from the virtual environment and if the fonts are needed install them locally instead.
  2. Disable services. We support virtualizing most services. Many times are a service installed but not really needed to be started immediately by the application so why waste time waiting for it to start? Add AutoStartServices=0 under [BuildOptions] in your package.ini file and rebuild the package. Test if your application still runs and behaves as expected. Most of the times will you find that it does..
  3. Pre-compile .NET assemblies. If your application uses .Net is there a big chance you can save some valuable seconds by Pre-compiling .NET assemblies during Setup Capture (before running post installation snapshot). This will make the package larger but first launch quicker. Example on how to do it: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen.exe executequeueditems


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