vWorkspace Self Service Portal

This article shows you how you can leverage vWorkspace Powershell module and Microsoft Internet Information Server to provide your end users a vWorkspace Self Service Portal.  

With this updated vWorkspace Self Service Portal we provide these enhancements as seen in the screen shots below:

vWorkspace Self Service Portal welcome screen:


Example of a Power Off action with vWorkspace Self Service Portal. The user can see a list of the currently logged in or disconnected

virtual desktops that match his/her user account:


vWorkspace Self Service Portal will warn the user about the actions that are about to be performed:


Finally, the user is informed about the progress of the Powershell action initiated in the vWorkspace Self Service Portal:


I hope that you can benefit from these new features of the Self Service Portal and remember that you can obtain detailed instructions on how to implement this feature in my previous blog article located here.

A zip file with the updated vWorkspace Self Service Portal is included in this post. Enjoy!


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