USB security device includes Windows Embedded Standard 7

Spyrus announces its secure flash drive -- incorporating a preinstalled, bootable version of Windows Embedded Standard 7.

pyrus has marketed a variety of USB drives and other storage devices, offering encrypted storage via embedded microSD cards that are sealed in tamper-proof epoxy. While these devices protected data, however, users were still vulnerable in cases where they attempted to browse the web or run software on untrusted computers, including those in homes or public spaces.

Announced in February 2010, Spyrus' Secure Pocket Drive solved this problem by, in the company's words, "turning a commodity microSD card into a militarized security device."

Perhaps because of the algorithms it contains -- see later in this story -- the Secure Pocket Drive was initially sold only to government customers within the U.S. But now, says Spyrus, it may be purchased by enterprise customers anywhere in the world.

The Secure Pocket Drive from Spyrus

Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB capacities, the device was first equipped with the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 operating system, but switched to Windows Embedded Standard 7 last year. The drive is preloaded with display, keyboard, and network drivers that can support most modern PCs, according to Spyrus.

How it works

If a host PC can be configured to boot from a USB drive, it makes no difference whether that system is contaminated with spyware or malware, or even what operating system is installed, Spyrus notes. That's because the Secure Pocket Drive runs Windows from its own secure storage, bypassing the host's hard disk and making use of only its keyboard, mouse, display, and RAM (512MB minimum), the company explains.

Spyrus announced last July that it had received U.S. Patent No. 7,757,100, which covers the implementation of a secure boot loader to authenticate and check the integrity of an encrypted storage device and the operating system loaded onto it. At the time, the company also said the Secure Pocket Drive had been verified as being "Citrix Ready."


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