Virtual Desktop Security

This article talks about how you can take simple steps to secure you hosted desktop virtualization environment (so SBC or VDI) with simple measures.

Even though the article was written for Citrix blogs, the same technologies and concepts apply to other technologies/products, like vWorkspace.

Virtual desktops and apps can increase security of application delivery. This is due to the fact that the apps, desktops, and associated data live in a centrally controlled datacenter as opposed to being stored on  thousands of distributed end-points. We are  also encouraging BYO initiatives that can help reduce costs at the end point. IT departments let users bring their own Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone to do their work and may provide them with a stipend to help offset the cost. These are all great points, but these benefits do not come automatically. One has to apply some simple principles to actually secure any virtual computing environment, and this blog summarize some of my personal thoughts around two key questions:

  • How do I keep my data from walking out of my organization on my employee’s personal device?
  • How do I actually save money by providing BYO?

Before I start, I have to state that I am not asserting or implying that these recommendations will stand up to industry specific security audits – if you’re working in high security environments, you should plan your security practices along with your auditors and security experts. I am also not implying  that you’ll save a specific amount of money with BYO – that all depends on your current and future organizational structure and other factors.


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