The VDI Read/Write Ratio Challenge

The guy behind my favorite VDI blog (Andre) has posted another great article that is actually a survey to find the real-life Read/Write Ratio.

September,2011 I launched a community program called “The VDI Read/Write Ratio Challenge”. The objective of the program was to identify the real production IOPS baseline for VDI deployments.

Thank you all of you who contributed to with your numbers! Unfortunately we are still short on data with only 15 valid entries. Approximately 6 entries were discarded due to inconsistent data.

Please, fill the form bellow with live data from your organization. The data need to be REAL and the name of the company and email address is required for validation purposes. I will keep the data provided in absolute confidentiality.

The graph below demonstrate the average IO pattern in production environment. To this point the average write IO is 64% higher than the average read IO, while the peak write IO is 75% higher than the peak read IO.

I have also been able to correlate numbers and patterns that I will demonstrate at the end of the challenge.



Please read more and complete the survey here:

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