Quest Launches new BU called User Workspace Management

Quest Software has launched a new BU called User Workspace Management to be unique positioned to service customers in the ‘personal cloud’ era. It brings together many of Quest’s well-known solutions and brands.

Today’s users aren’t constrained by a desktop or even a platform. Their workspace is the virtual office – and they need to work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

This workspace requires a user-centric management approach to IT. Only Quest offers a complete delivery and management solution for user identities, as well as a user’s many devices and applications. These solutions provide a combination of support and self-service for business agility, reduced costs and minimal risk. They encompass this extraordinary range of capabilities to give you the optimal balance between user empowerment and corporate protection. With Quest, you can meet the needs of the business while satisfying the desires of the users. You've heard the saying 'change is the only constant.'  Change is a fact of life in all respects, and it is definitely true in technology where everything is in a constant state of change, discovery, invention, and reinvention. There are significant changes happening right before our eyes as companies and organizations struggle to get their arms around the changes occurring in the traditional desktop market.  The traditional, physical desktop is now being delivered and managed virtually, on a mobile device, on a tablet, on a laptop and all of these form factors are getting smaller and more powerful.  This change has been spurred by advancements in and adoption of cloud computing, virtualization, mobile and social technologies.  Is it a desktop?  Is it a laptop?  Is it a tablet?  Is it a mobile device?  Does it have installed applications or hosted applications?  Yes, it can be all of them and accessed from anywhere and at anytime.  At Quest we are calling this new virtual office the "user workspace."  We are so excited about the opportunity to help our customers wade through and simplify the vast number of issues surrounding the user workspace that we've created a new business unit dedicated to managing it.

Quest unveils its user-centric approach to workspace management that leverages the company’s proven expertise and industry-leading capabilities in desktop virtualization, application migration and physical desktop management to deliver the most comprehensive solution on the market.

· Unlike previous approaches to workspace management, which have combined multiple desktop and device management point products that only solve portions of the problem, Quest now delivers integrated solutions across the three most critical areas of management:

o Comprehensive device support—manage, inventory and secure a wide range of PCs, Macs and mobile devices while effectively delivering virtual desktops and applications to every device, leveraging consolidated dashboards and support models to cover the entire end user IT environment

o Application delivery – manage a cost-effective application estate for continued productivity across the user environment by addressing the continuous cycle of OS and browser changes, with application readiness for Windows 7 and virtualization, software asset management, packaging and inventory

o One user identity across all platforms – centralize management of all aspects of user identity including security privileges, single sign-on and consolidation of user-specific access into one portal across physical, virtual and cloud environments

· Quest’s unique range of technology assets provides the most comprehensive approach to the top three challenges facing IT today: Windows 7 migration, adoption of new devices and consumerization, and balancing corporate security with user freedom.

· According to Forrester Research, half of all global info workers (52 percent)are using three or more devices for work, 60 percent of devices reported by info workers are used for both work and personal purposes, while one-third of the devices used are non-Microsoft, and one-quarter are mobile.1

Quest Elevates Management of Physical, Virtual and Cloud-Based User Workspaces:

· Quest’s comprehensive yet adaptive management of dynamic user workspaces extends across enterprise users’ many devices, while providing the support they require to address endless cycles of change in OS, browsers and applications. Additionally, Quest’s complete identity and access management portfolio ensures that all critical aspects of the modern user workspace are addressed, including the user’s identity, profile and preferences, as well as privileges and access policies.

· Quest’s Workspace Management solution consists of a set of tools that work together to elevate the management of today’s user workspaces, encompassing:

o Desktop Virtualization, which centrally, securely and cost-effectively delivers virtual desktops and applications to all types of users. Easily integrates all major devices (smartphones, tablets) and works with all major operating systems

- Recently announced vWorkspace™ 7.5 breaks down the cost barriers to desktop virtualization deployments for both Enterprise and SMB, affording up to 33 percent savings in virtual desktop CapEx per user, and with direct integration with free Microsoft Hyper-V Server

o Application Readiness, which addresses application compatibility issues to reduce installation and configuration time and effort

-  Quest ChangeBASE™ helps to perform timely and complete migrations to Windows 7 and 8, and Microsoft Office 2010 while reducing the time and effort of ongoing management; Quest ChangeBASE Professional offers the functionality of the Standard version plus the ability to prepare applications targeted for virtual desktop and application environments; Quest ChangeBASE Browser Compatibility automates compatibility testing of web applications and web sites for Internet Explorer 8 and 9

o User Environment Management, featuring Desktop Authority®, which deploys, configures, protects, enhances, and supports the user environment in Windows desktops throughout their lifecycle. Includes advanced security such as secure patch deployment, malware detection and removal, and USB port security, as well as help desk capabilities to ensure the user is effectively and securely managed across each traditional desktop

Privilege Authority® 2.7 is now available, addressing user privilege management challenges faced by large organizations, and more effectively managing provisioning rules by eliminating “local administrator” desktops without reducing productivity or increasing help desk calls.

o Network scanner support for desktop virtualization environments, which offers cost-effective, easy, universal access to scanner peripherals

o VDI Assessment, which helps determine whether the environment is ready for desktop virtualization – and which technologies would be most appropriate and able to deliver maximized value – before deployment

o Device management for iPad, iPhone and Mac, which helps get the most from a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) investment by managing all Mac desktops and iPad/iPhone devices from inside the SCCM console

o Quest One Identity Solutions, which easily and effectively maintains user access and privileges, as well as comprehensive administration of all enterprise user accounts. Includes Webthority, which securely accesses critical web resources while protecting systems from direct exposure, and Defender®, which initiates two-factor and multifactor authentication on an Active Directory-centric platform to any system, application or resource


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