Why Choose VMware View over Microsoft RDS 2012?

This datasheet discusses the major benefits that VMware View provides compared to Microsoft's latest Terminal Services offering along with VDI through the VMware lens :-).

Why Choose VMware View over Microsoft RDS?
Which solution is best for your environment: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or  Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)? RDS and session-based computing may work for certain niche use cases. However, for most of today’s demanding use cases, sessions are not adequate. VMware View offers ease of management along with a secure, robust architecture, and the ability to offer end users the freedom and choice they need to be productive. Specifically, VMware View offers the following advantages over RDS:

•    Isolates end users from the operating system (OS) and from each other
•    Provides better native application compatibility
•    Allows users to administer their own desktops
•    Offers superior data security
•    Maintains greater fault tolerance
•    Adds centralized management and ease of use Session-based computing has the following disadvantages compared with View:
• Runs desktop applications on a server operating system (may not be supported)
• Not all applications have licensing for a multi-user session environment
• Generates application compatibility issues
• Inconsistent performance for end users


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