Screenshots and Features of the new Remote Desktop apps for iOS, Android and OS X

Yesterday I mentioned Microsoft announced the new Remote Desktop apps for iOS, Android and OS X. This article will go a bit deeper with a load of screenshots and some of the features.

Check out these screenshots courtesy of Microsoft:
Without breaking any NDAs) you can make out some interesting things yourself:
  • The iOS Remote Desktop app seems to have some kind of 'app bar' that allows you to launch RemoteApps and easily switch between them
  • The RD Gateway is supported - at the least on Android but I don't think it will be exclusive to Android
  • Microsoft went out of their way to support Remote desktops as well as RemoteApp - which makes perfect sense, especially on OS X
  • There are different virtual mouse modes (why else would they have an icon for it)
  • The virtual keyboard can always manually be invoked from the top of the screen on touch devices (and am guessing iOS and Android)
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