Tricerat Releases Latest Version of Simplify Printing with Guest Printing

Tricerat released the latest version of Simplify Printing TX, 1.5. It features updated “Guest Printing” capabilities.

Simplify Printing TX is a self-service mobile printing software solution designed to accommodate the on-the-go printing requirements of enterprise businesses, as well as the rapidly growing number of companies that are embracing “bring your own device” (BYOD) working environments.

The latest release of Simplify Printing TX, version 1.5, features updated “Guest Printing” capabilities, which grant individuals or groups that a company often does business with—like customers, partners and vendors—full, secure access to the company’s managed printing environment, while completely restricting access to the company’s actual domain. All guest users are authenticated from sources outside of the company’s Active Directory.

Another key feature update in the latest software version leverages built-in iOS share functionality, enabling users to share any and all print jobs safely and securely, via the convenient Simplify Printing TX mobile app. When users are ready to print, they just open the Simplify Printing TX mobile app and select a printer.

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