Citrix printing internals cheat sheet

Bas van Kaam has created a Citrix printing internals cheat sheet that explains on the Citrix printing pathways, how they differ and when one or the other will, or can be used.

The article will also highlight the universal print driver, server and printer together with a whole bunch of CTX defaults, best practices including some of the most common troubleshooting tools and a BIG list of takeaways. However, knowing what happens after a user hits print and how traffic flows throughout our infrastructure is probably the best place to start.


Bas also discusses the various print file formats used, the print drivers involved, some history, the Microsoft printing basics, where Citrix fits in and so on. While in part two he will focuses on the actual printing pathways, how print traffic gets routed throughout our environment, when to use which, some pros and cons, the universal printer, print server and drivers, including some specific architectural setups.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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