Step-by-Step Installation Guide for a Lifecycle Management Blueprint in Citrix Workspace Cloud

This article explains how to deploy XenDesktop/XenDesktop POC to Microsoft Azure with Lifecycle Management in a step-by-step fashion.

Some useful backround first since LCM is still relatively new.

What is Lifecycle Management?

  • Citrix Workspace Cloud provides 4 Services:
  • Application and Desktops (as you can guess, that is XenApp/XenDesktop)
  • Mobility Management (XenMobile)
  • Secure Documents (Sharefile)
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM)¬†

LCM is used as a platform to deploy and configure the lifecycle of Citrix applications on Hypervisors, as well as public and private Cloud platforms.

LCM platform contains a workflow automation engine (Orchestration), Monitoring and Brokering capabilities.

Deploying Blueprints is a feature in Citrix Lifecycle Management.

What is a Blueprint?

A Blueprint is a template that contains information about a deployment workflow.
A Blueprint may contain Software machine configurations or platform components.

Citrix offers some pre-configured Blueprints in a Blueprint catalog.

LCM also provides a Blueprint Designer, that allows to view or customize Blueprints, add scripts and create your own Blueprints.

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