What’s New in Linux Desktops in VMware Horizon 6.2.1

VMware has released version 6.2.1 of their Linux Desktop feature of VMware Horizon. Here's what's new. 

Improved 3D Graphics Capabilities for Linux Desktops

In Horizon 6.2.1, VMware made some improvements to the 3D graphics capabilities that have been available in Linux desktops since Horizon 6.2.



Clipboard Redirection

With clipboard redirection, you can now copy and paste plain text, rich text, or images in Rich Text Format (RTF) between a local client and a remote Linux virtual desktop.


Single Sign-On

With single sign-on, you do not need to enter the account and password twice to log in to a Linux virtual desktop. Linux desktops for Horizon 6.2.1 have a secure design for single sign-on, so the user’s credential information is not saved locally or transported across the network explicitly.

The single sign-on feature is currently enabled on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Workstation x86_64 and CentOS 6.6 x86_64. Organizations can even integrate Linux virtual desktops with Microsoft Active Directory through Open LDAP. You can use single sign-on with Horizon Client for the Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Smart Card Authentication

Smart card authentication is a mandatory feature for federal agencies and other organizations that have strict requirements about security. Linux desktops in Horizon 6.2.1 support both Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards and Common Access Cards (CAC) with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Workstation x86_64. You can connect the card to a Horizon Client and log in to a remote Linux desktop with the credential information encrypted in the card.

Kerberos Authentication

With Linux desktops in Horizon 6.2.1, the View Connection Server can use Kerberos authentication to authenticate Linux virtual desktops against Microsoft Active Directory after you install the View Agent. You have the flexibility to select the previously supported MD5 digest authentication or Kerberos authentication, according to your business needs.

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