Citrix Launches new Thin Client Selection Tool

It is very important to select the right Thin Client for the deployment you're doing or else all the hard work you do on the backend could be for nothing. Citrix updates their Thin Client selection page. 

The changes mean that, when choosing thin clients, you should be able to transparently evaluate the performance and features for XenApp and XenDesktop with:

  • The new product category page for thin clients. It explains what each level of Citrix Ready Certification means with a simple overview that allows you to review each level and the capabilities of individual thin clients.
  • An overview document that allows customers to review the features of each certification level. This will let customers think about the features they may need, not today, but in the near future.
  • Improvements to the certifications tests themselves to ensure they are standardized, rigorous and transparent.
  • Standardized information for each thin client, containing details of firmware, its OS version (Linux, Windows etc … ) and additional features available for each thin client
  • Detailed information on the specifics of the certification tests, e.g. frame rates required for tests to be passed; allowing customers to assess if additional testing is needed because they have requirements beyond the standardized tests.
  • Improved search facilities, so users can quickly pull up a list of the thin client options that match their needs.

Simple Search

When you are planning a Citrix infrastructure, you often need to select an Endpoint that can access the remote desktops and apps that mate your Citrix functionalities. Ideally, this should have been easy with the three HDX-level certifications for thin clients and the Citrix Ready Marketplace user interface. However, the information wasn’t well-known and only a few diehard Citrix users read through the certification guides to figure out what the HDX levels actually mean (eg. HDX Ready, HDX Premium and HDX 3D Pro).

What’s new?

The new product category page provides you information tailored to thin clients. We have three sections each with key messaging highlighted of what HDX Ready, HDX Premium and HDX 3D Pro actually signify. This is designed to be at a high-level suitable for planning a deployment. There is also a list of featured products at the bottom end of the page that can help you easily browse through the ‘hot’ picks to ensure you are fed with whatever is latest and greatest.


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