The ROI of VDI – with Citrix and Nutanix

Allthough this article by Steve Kaplan most definately is biased since he is in love with (and works for) Nutanix but it does provide some great insights of the ROI that can be expected with Nutanix (or other HCI) for Citrix (or similar desktop virtualization technologies).

With all of the buzz around VDI for so many years, it’s reasonable to assume VDI owns a good chunk of the corporate desktop market. But Gartner says it only has 4.9% share, with storage as the primary bottleneck.

A Gartner study showed that, on average, storage costs accounted for 40% – 60% of the entire VDI budget. Even worse, 91% of the study participants spent more on storage than they planned.

Table 4 rev 2

Steve goes on to discuss the following subjects:

  • The challenges of legacy storage
  • The economics of Hyperconvergence
  • Citrix XenDesktop and the Acropolis hypervisor
  • Tips for VDI Success with HCI

More at the source:

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