VDI Calculator updated to version 6.5

The popular VDI calculator by Andre Lebovici has been updated to version 6.5.  Heres what's new.

  • Nutanix Calculation Update – Previous versions of the calculator assumed that all eight cores assigned to the controller VM were in-use, but with the latest releases of Nutanix Based OS this is hardly the case. Commonly only four CPU cores will be in use at any point in time; even during boot storms. This change increases the overall VM consolidation per host achieved on Nutanix platform.
  • Default Memory Sharing set to Zero – A recent academic research that leverages Transparent Page Sharing (TPS) to gain unauthorized access to data under certain highly controlled conditions and documents VMware’s precautionary measure of restricting TPS to individual virtual machines by default.

  • Advertising is Gone! – Gone is the advertising banners displayed by the calculator.
  • UI Design Changes – The interactive buttons now seat all at the bottom of the calculator where the ads used to be displayed.
  • Acropolis Hypervisor – The plumbing work to support Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor for VDI deployments is complete. With Citrix XenDesktop, Workspot, Systancia and UDS Enterprise supporting their VDI solutions on Acropolis it is time to add Acropolis in the calculator.

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