eG Innovations Annouce eG Enterprise 6.1

eG Innovations announced the next generation of its flagship eG Enterprise suite, version 6.1. Here's what's new.

The release of eG Enterprise 6.1 adds a list of new Citrix-focused features and enhancements, including:

Citrix User Experience Monitoring

100% Logon Visibility Step-by-step insight into all stages of the logon process for every user session, including authentication time, GPO processing time, profile loading time and other related metrics for complete visibility and quick troubleshooting

Citrix User Experience Monitoring

Application Launch Tracking Launch-delay capture and automatic, threshold-based alerts, plus complete drill-down for detailed metrics

Citrix User Experience Monitoring

Network Latency Reporting Complete network latency tracking for all connections to the Citrix farm – either direct or through Citrix NetScaler, all the way to user end-points

GPU Monitoring for Hypervisors and Virtual Desktops

  • Now including NVIDIA K1 and K2 grids
  • GPU and GPU-impacting parameters tracked at the hypervisor level
  • vGPU and pass-through configurations monitored for virtual machines
  • vGPU utilization reported at the virtual desktop level

Citrix NetScaler Integration

  • Integration with both Web Insight and HDX Insight
  • Visibility into HDX-based desktop and application sessions handled by NetScalers
  • Visibility into application launches, bandwidth used, HDX roundtrip and more
  • Visibility into aggregate bandwidth usage by HDX virtual channels and applications
  • Detailed monitoring of each NetScaler user session
  • NetScaler integration, combined with Citrix Director integration, consolidates all Citrix management and monitoring into a single, centralized console

New Pre-Built Reports

VM Capacity Planning Report – Automates analysis and provides ready-to-deploy virtual machine sizing recommendations

Migration Report – Instantly compare the performance of a server or application before and after migration

Citrix Printing Analysis Report – Quickly view all present and past printer-related problems across all servers.

More information in this overview video:

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