Liquidware Labs Unveils “Micro Isolation” in FlexApp

At Citrix Summit, Liquidware Labs has released a new version of their FlexApp product that contains a new capability called "Micro Isolation”.

Liquidware Labs  claims that Micro Isolation in FlexApp solves a common industry challenge of addressing file and registry conflicts when two or more applications’ dependent files collide when deployed for the same desktop images. With Micro Isolation, FlexApp eliminates packaging complexities while delivering among the highest application compatibility rates in the industry.

The Micro Isolation feature, helps evolve the FlexApp Layering technology into a truly dynamic Application Layering platform.  No need to stack multiple apps in layers, instead create a single layer for each application which allows for ultimate granularity in assigning apps to users, groups and machines.  It also makes updating applications very simple by updating a single package for a single app rather than dealing with cumbersome multi app layers.

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