Remote Desktop Preview now available on Windows 10 Mobile and Continuum

The release of Windows 10 update (version 844) yesterday of the Remote Desktop Preview client for Windows 10 adds support for both Windows 10 Mobile devices and Continuum.

The client is still in development. Once the update is available in the Store, you’ll be able to install it on your Windows 10 Mobile devices. Remote Desktop Preview is a Universal Windows App. The UI should be familiar if you’ve used our client on a Windows PC. We’ve adapted the UI to handle devices of all sizes. This means that you’ll now have the option to connect to a remote PC (optionally through a Remote Desktop Gateway), access Remote Resources (see below), manage a list of credentials and Gateways, and change global settings from your phone, PC, or tablet.



Use your mobile device like a PC with Continuum so you can access any apps

If you own a Lumia 950 or 950XL, you can use the Remote Desktop Preview client on a larger monitor or TV with Continuum. Continuum enables you to connect a capable mobile device to any screen with the Microsoft Display Dock or a Miracast capable device, and power a PC-like experience on that screen. You can attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your mobile device or a USB keyboard and mouse to the dock before connecting to a remote PC and using any apps (including Win32) that you have available in the remote session.

This is a great way to be productive from your mobile device when you can extend your work to an additional larger screen.

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