Unidesk Announces Elastic Layering and Session Containers

At Citrix Summit, Unidesk announced two new capabilities that they are working on: Elastic Layering and Session Containers. What exactly are these?

Unidesk Elastic Layering

Enables Windows apps to be packaged once as virtual disk “layers” and delivered to sessions, virtual desktops, or both without re-installation. The correct app layers and a persistent layer containing user information are attached whenever users logon to their sessions or desktops. Integration with Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) makes deployment into existing Citrix environments fast and easy. The new Unidesk capabilities greatly simplify image management with PVS, since apps no longer have to be built into different images to meet the needs of different users and departments.

Unidesk Session Containers

Allow application and persistent layers to be attached to individual RDSH sessions. For the first time, XenApp users can change settings and install their own apps, knowing that all customizations will be present the next time they logon.


Tech Preview is planned for February 2016, with general availability on all hypervisor platforms, including Citrix XenServer, Nutanix Acropolis, VMware ESXi, and Windows Server Hyper-V, following soon after.

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