Norskale releases Norskale 3.5

Norskale, one of the smaller UEM vendors has released version 3.5 of their Norskale product. Here's what new.

Note there's a free version as well as a paid, Enterprise, version.

Release highlights:

Performance and consolidation features:

  • Up to 40% faster optimization
  • New I/O intelligence
  • Enhanced CPU optimization with Affinity & Priority control
  • Enhanced memory optimization
  • New machine learning algorithms
  • Optimized user behavior analysis engine that consumes less resources than Task Manager

Enterprise features:

  • Windows 10 support
  • UNICODE language support in Agent, including full Japanese
  • New ADMX configuration templates
  • Enhanced environmental settings for Windows 8.1 and 10
  • Enhanced actions, including support for Generic Printer objects, allowing straightforward list-based printer/device assignments
  • Enhanced non-persistent environment support, including a native cache redirection option
  • Enhanced reports adapted to 80k+ user environments

Here's a video on the new features:

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