Citrix releases 46 troubleshooting and support tools

The Citrix support department has released a collection of tools they use to support Citrix customers. It is like the Sysinternals suite but then for Citrix customers. Here are all the tools that are included and what they do.

Cdfmonitor triggers an event or launches a specific command or other tasks based on a pattern match from a specified CDF module trace messages.

CDFAnalyzer is a tool to review and analyze CDF traces.

CDFControl is an event tracing controller/consumer, geared towards capturing Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) trace messages that are output from the various Citrix tracing providers.

CDFMarker allows you to send a customizable CDF trace statement into a running CDF trace, on demand, on either XenApp Servers or XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agents.

Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit - 64bit Edition
The Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit is a rapid deployment platform that delivers a suite of tools and automation options in an easy to use structured format that closely resembles the look and feel of any standard Windows application, even though each tool is an independent standalone application.

Cpatch Tool
The XenApp and XenDesktop patch (MSP) handling utility.

DSCheck Maintenance Assistant
DSCheck Maintenance Assistant facilitates running dscheck commands on a XenApp server. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

The Export-XenDesktopConfig cmdlet helps to obtain configuration information in XenDesktop environments including information about the Broker, Host, Account, ID and Creation services.

FarmTWIHelper helps us tune seamless configuration options in registry. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

HDX 3D Pro Health Check Tool
The tool validates the hardware, setup, and configuration for the HDX 3D Pro feature in XenDesktop 5.6.

HDXMonitor 3.x
HDX Monitor 3.x is a monitoring and diagnostic tool for HDX components.

IMA Helper
The tool assists with narrowing-down IMA startup issues so the administrator can reduce the time needed to troubleshoot and solve related problems. Also availalbe inCitrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

It keeps a user session opened after the last user process exits.

LBDiag - XenApp Load Balancing Diagnostic Tool
LBDiag is a utility for diagnosing load balancing in XenApp 6 and later. LBDiag simulates the load balancing process for a user launching a specific application and provides a detailed report. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

LSQuery is used to collect data from the Citrix License Server to assist in troubleshooting.

License Check Utility
Performs license checkout/checkin to verify Citrix License Server functionality.

The tool logs window messages sent and/or posted to windows in a session.

PVSDataTools is used to collect data from a Provisioning Services (PVS) Server to assist with troubleshooting an issue.

Policy Reporter - RSOP CtxCseUtil Tool
CtxCseUtil can generate resultant set of policy (RSOP) report (per computer, per user or both) for Citrix policies on a device that has the Group Policy Management Console installed. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

Port Check Utility
A command-line utility that tests connectivity to a host on a specified port, not limited to testing basic ICA connectivity against Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop machines.

PortICA Log Enabler V3
PortICA logging enables the Workstation Agent log for troubleshooting issues with the Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA). Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

Print Detective
Print Detective is an information gathering utility for troubleshooting problems related to print drivers. It can enumerate and delete printer drivers and allows for log file capabilities. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

Printing Tool
Citrix Printing Tool 3.1 helps configuring and troubleshooting the Citrix Printing subsystem on XenApp, XenApp Online Plugin, and XenDesktop.

Profile Management Configuration Check Tool 
UPMConfigCheck is a PowerShell script that examines a live profile management system and determines whether it is optimally configured. See also

Quick Launch
Citrix Quick Launch offers some features of the legacy Citrix Program Neighborhood for users of the Citrix Online Plug-in and Citrix Receiver releases. Also availalbe inCitrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

RDSWatcher is an advanced Remote Desktop Services session state monitor and logger. It watches all sessions on any Windows machine and logs all session state changes with time stamp as accurately as twice a second.

Receiver Diagnostics Tool
Receiver Diagnostics Tool for Windows. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

The Receiver Clean-Up Utility helps to clean up the environment for a proper Reciever upgrade. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

Repair Clipboard Chain
Clipboard chain repair utility temporarily restores clipboard functionality.

Scout is a tool to capture key data points and CDF traces for selected computers in XenApp and XenDesktop environments, followed by upload of the data package to Citrix Technical Support. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

Session Management Tool
Citrix Session Management Tool provides a quick and easy way for Citrix administrators to manage users� sessions.

Session State Monitor Tool
It monitors remote connections and disconnections.

This tool stresses servers ability to add printers concurrently by simulating multiple sessions using the same printer driver. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

SysPool Tool
Kernel pool memory monitoring utility (used to track kernel memory leaks)

The tool is a troubleshooting aid and helps to find the directories where the Citrix Universal Printer Driver is installed.

UPS Print Driver Certification Tool
The Citrix UPS Print Driver Certification Tool can be used to test the compatibility of a print driver with the Citrix Universal Print Server.

Web Interface Tracing
The tool enables trace logging by programmatically editing the web.config file of a web interface site. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

The tool constantly monitors windows in the 32-bit system (session) and allows you to save information about windows for further analysis.

The tool constantly monitors windows in the 64-bit system (session) and allows you to save information about windows for further analysis.

XDDBDiag for XenDesktop
This tool performs a consistency data check and connectivity verification in a XenDesktop 5 database and outputs diagnostic data into comma-separated value (.csv) files located in a compressed file (.zip). Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

XDPing Tool
The XDPing tool automates the process of checking for the causes of common configuration issues in a XenDesktop environment including the XenDesktop Broker and VDA machines. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

XenDesktop 5.0 Database Checker Script
The Database Checker Script detects data inconsistencies with XenDesktop databases and provides diagnostic information.

XenDesktop Controller Service Log Enabler V3
The LogEnabler tool configures the Controller Service Logging for XenDesktop. Also availalbe in Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit.

XenDesktop Service Checker
The tool checks whether services are running and service instances are registered, and provides the ability to enable logging for each service.

XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent Troubleshooting Utility
This tool helps changing and displaying Virtual Desktop Agent settings.

Xnapshot is a profiling and monitoring utility focused on the Citrix XenDesktop Environment. It collects a wealth of information about the underlying system and its configuration, such as BIOS information, Registry information, Device Drivers, Windows Services, Installed Hotfixes, Citrix Binaries, and Citrix XenDesktop Farm information.

Download the toolkit here:

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