ControlUp version 5.0 Review

The guys from ControlUp have been around for a long time in desktop virtualization industry for a long time (I remember the Smart-X) days. These days there are really going at it with their ControlUp product and these days they've released version 5.0. Here's a review.

Rob Beekmans performed the review and noted some of the cooler new capabilities. I especially like the logon time monitoring. Rob is right in that ControlUp has kind of a unique GTM in that they have monitoring and management in the same solution. So what is new in version 5.0?

  • ControlUp insights
  • Insight related settings
  • Citrix license monitoring
  • Session source branch office naming
  • Controller Export
  • Protocol latency
  • PCoIP session bandwidth
  • Alternate suffix for adding computers
  • Non-paged pool memory column
  • Script based action output window

My favorite is ControlUp Insights. ControlUp Insight is reachable from your browser at - so it is a cloud based service. We'll see how larger companies deal with this... Together with this Insight module in the cloud they also introduced a mobile application to see get your metrics.


Like I said, the addition I am most excited about in version  5 are the logon duration reports. Below you see a screenshot of the logon duration screen from ControlUp Insight together with the number of logons over a period of time, with the community benchmark in it.

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