App-V Futures: In Win 10 “Redstone” AppV Client shipping with Windows and more

Microsoft today released some important details about the future of App-V in a Flexera Webinar. Here are some highlights.

  • The App-V client is going to be a part of Windows 10 - Windows Enterprise that is.


  • This will happen in Windows "Redstone 1" and "Redstone 2"

    • June of 2016 for "Redstone 1"
    • October 2015 for "Redstone 2"
  • It will be compatible with the App-V 5.1 backend


  • More Project Centennial details revealed

    • Not a replacement for App-V rather uses App-V technology under the covers.

appv-4 appv-3

All this information came from a Flexera webinar. The App-V futures stuff comes from here (starts at 54:00)

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