What’s New in VMware User Environment Management (UEM) 9

In the slew of announcements yesterday buried deep down also is a new version of VMware User Environment Management - the acquisition  of Immidio by VMware. This articles talks about the new features of version 9.

Rob Beekmans took a look at the new features. The big one that stands out for me is that VMware joins the main UEM players by offering (a first version) of application security. These are the big new feature categories:

  • Conditions
  • Application security
  • ThinApp integration
  • PCoIP policies
  • Folder redirection

Application security within VMware UEM is called application blocking. It is pretty basic (no hashing) but it does the job.
How does it work? If you enable application blocking in VMware UEM all applications on all drives are blocked automatically except the applications in the following folders:
  • Windows
  • Program Files
  • Program Files x86
If you want to block applications for a specific user/department in a certain condition you need to block it.  You have the ability to whitelist or blacklist an application or multiple applications.  It does only block programs and doesn't block any other extensions like VBS or so. So all programs in program files are allowed and in a managed environment that is not an issue.
Read more about the new features in Rob's blog.
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