Video Comparing the user experience using latest version VMware PcoIP and Citrix HDX

Citrix has released a video to Youtube comparing the user experience when using the latest versions of VMware PcoIP and Citrix HDX and it is a pretty compelling video.Obviously, keep in mind that it should be no surprise that Citrix comes out as the winner but have a look. The software used is VMware PcoIP 6.2 and VMware Citrix HDX from XenDesktop 7.7

The comparison shows the following scenarios:

  • Playing a 4K video
  • Interacting with a 3d model
  • Examining the network usage
  • Monitoirng the server side CPU load
  • Showing the client side CPU and memory load

There was no GPU used. No other details about the setup were provided except for the fact that both the client and the server is Windows.


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