What’s New in VMware Identity Manager, Cloud – January 2016 Release

VMware just 'released' the January version of VMware Identity Manager - the cloud version. Here's what's new.

Improved One-Touch SSO from iOS Devices Using Embedded KDC

One of the key features of VMware Identity Manager is to provide one-touch mobile SSO that allows users to sign in to applications from mobile devices without entering passwords. Organizations are using this feature in the following scenarios:

  • When VMware Identity Manager is the only Identity Provider (IdP)
  • When the organization is already using a third-party IdP, such as ADFS, PingFederate, or another, but wants to provide one-touch SSO to users from mobile devices


Device-Compliance Check at Login Time

When users enroll their iOS devices with AirWatch, the AirWatch agent is installed on the device and continuously monitors if the device meets compliance rules set by the administrator in the AirWatch console. Examples of compliance rules include that the device cannot be “jailbroken” (removing software restrictions imposed by iOS), and the device PIN cannot be disabled. Whenever the device is out of compliance, the AirWatch agent reports compliance status immediately to the AirWatch server.

Now, VMware Identity Manager includes a new policy rule that checks the AirWatch server for device-compliance status at login time. This ensures that users are blocked from logging in to an application or VMware Identity Manager SSO portal if the device is out of compliance. The user can restore the login after they remediate to make the device compliant again.


SSO to Horizon Air Applications and Desktops

A main feature of VMware Identity Manager and a differentiator from other identity management systems is the ability to support multiple types of applications, such as Web and mobile applications, virtual applications, and virtual desktops. VMware Horizon Air Desktops is a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that delivers desktops and applications to any device, anywhere.

If you use VMware Horizon Air Desktops, now your users can access the VMware Identity Manager My Apps portal to launch their entitled Horizon Air applications and desktops.


SSO to Citrix 6.x XenApp

VMware Identity Manager has supported Citrix 5.x XenApp published applications and desktops for a while. (Citrix XenDesktop is not supported at this time.)

With this update, if you use Citrix 6.x XenApp, your users can access the VMware Identity Manager My Apps portal to launch Citrix published applications and desktops.


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