Better and safer interface for Printers in SBC / VDI

In Windows 7 server 2008 R2 the Devices and Printers interface shows all kinds of devices but in SBC / VDI the devices list generally contained items you didn’t want users to see or touch. Andrew Morgan has a little tool that helps. Although he uses XenApp as an example it should work anywhere.

SBC-Printers is a simple little .net 4 application, leveraging WMI for printer enumeration and control.Because SBC Printers is an executable, it can published as a XenApp application. Sbc Printers can also be installed as the default printers interface on the start menu:

start menu

So really your users won’t know the difference or care for that matter!

SBC-Printers also comes with securable options for adding or deleting local printers:



The display of add or delete can be controlled via the settings file in the installation directory:

More at source:

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