Immidio moves into UEM

In a anticipated move, Immidio is making a move into the User Environment Management (UEM) marketspace. Anticipated because of normal product progression but also because Microsoft became a big competitor with UE-V.

Since the release of Flex Profiles 7.5 last September, Immidio’s technical team has dedicated all its time to develop the next logical step: Immidio Flex+.

Immidio Flex+ is the drastically improved successor of Flex Profiles, designed in close collaboration with our ever-growing installed base. Immidio Flex+ is not only about profile management anymore; it has evolved to a mature User Environment Management solution, comparable to other UEM solutions, at only a fraction of the cost.

The upcoming release of Immidio Flex+ is a major milestone in the 10-year history of Flex Profiles. Starting as a freeware user profile management solution — touching millions of users around the world — it has now become a full User Environment Management solution.

In addition to enhanced user profile management, Immidio Flex+ offers:

  • User Environment Management features like mapping network drives and printers, managing shortcuts and file type associations, setting environment variables and much more
  • Condition-based targeting to control when to apply certain configurations and define “workspaces” for easy administration
  • Application State Management to configure the initial state of an application and optionally reset it to a predefined state every time it is started
  • Migration of application personalization, not only from one OS to another, but between application versions!


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