Terminal Services Log 3.7.5 Released

Acceleratio software shipped Terminal Services Log 3.7.5. It’s one of the “minor releases”.  The most important new feature is Cost Allocation report.

Terminal Services Log is a server monitoring application that allows you to easily monitor user activities on your Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp server or farm. It tells you which users are logged on to your server, which applications they are using, performance of the servers and more.

3.7.5 Features
  • Cost allocation report for each user per CPU and memory usage on the Remote Desktop Services/Citrix XenApp farm.
  • Better custom reports filters that allows you to set better conditions and get more accurate reports.
  • Performance counters processing is faster now up to 5 times.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Layout editor fix.
  • Usage-based chargeback

    Memory, CPU and Time spent billing can be tracked for usage-based charging. TSL introduces Cloud like billing so you can charge your clients based on the CPU time spent, memory used or simply based on the time spent on the Remote Desktop Services. New report allows you  to easily export data from application to Excel and create monthly billing report for your customers.

    Click here to download new release.


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