Below (the line) you can read the story about Thincomputing.net. It’s an old story. Today, the site has been renamed to WindowsVirtualDesktop.blog. Working exclusively on WVD now (for Microsoft) I’m asked daily if there is a good central place to get all the news about WVD. I found there isn’t one just about WVD, so I am (ab)using my old blog to share information to collect information in one place for the broader WVD Community.

All the information is *as-is* and just my personal perception of things. About this blog:

  • I’m not sharing or promising official information on Microsoft products, visit the Microsoft pages for that
  • No, you can’t sponsor this blog
  • No, I don’t deserve or want any kind of community award
  • When I post something about a certain partner, it is not because I like them more but just because I hope the broader WVD might benefit from the shared information.
  • You can always send me information you think is worth sharing. If I agree, I will gladly post about it.


Thincomputing.net is a resource site for everything concerning End User Computing aimed at the IT Professional. Thincomputing.net has been around since 2003. You will also see content about other stuff that interests me like product management specific subjects as well as (disruptive) new technologies and M&A.

Thincomputing.net is maintained by Michel Roth from the Netherlands.

About Michel Roth

12180828_1037093803023892_441724064_oMichel Roth (http://twitter.com/michelroth) has over 15 years of experience in the End User Computing industry, most of it in Product Management roles ranging from startups (25 friends) to the largest tech companies in the world (115,000 friends – Dell). In his spare time he maintains the website Thincomputing.net. Michel Roth also is an author for other community websites such as: BrianMadden.com and DABCC.com.

Michel Roth is a 8-time Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) for Remote Desktop Services. Michel Roth also has been awarded with the VMware vExpert status. Additionally Michel Roth also presents at related conferences and forums like BriForum, TechEd, VMworld and E2E.

Learn more about me on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michelroth

Everything posted on this site are my personal views and opinions and do not represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions in any way unless explicitly stated otherwise.