Microsoft decided to open source the backbone of Edge

Microsoft is open sourcing the backbone of its Edge browser with a view to using it in more software, according to Ars Technica. 


ProjectVRC Whitepaper: Office 2013 needs 20% more resources in VDI to have same performance as previous versions

The comparison of Office 2007 with Office 2010, showed only a 1% performance difference in favour of Office 2007. The comparison of Office 2007 and Office 2013 showed a significant performance decrease of over 20%. This leads to the conclusion that to maintain the same performance levels with the newest version of Microsoft Office, about 20% more infrastructure capacity may be needed.


Microsoft Whitepaper: Reference Architecture for DaaS (Service Providers)

This document defines a set of architectural blocks for creating a multitenant, hosted Windows desktop and application service. The primary goal is to enable hosting providers to create secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting solution offers for small and medium-sized organizations with up to 1500 users.


RD Connection Broker Performance and Scalability

This MS document provides performance and scalability testing results for RD Connection Broker, and describes the most relevant factors that influence performance.


20 Tips on Microsoft Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

Over the last week or I published a series of 20 tips on Dynamic Memory on Twitter (@michelroth). Here's the compilation in case you missed it.


Tuning SCVMM for VDI deployments

While most people are aware of SCVMM being used for managing virtualized datacenters, it’s probably less well known that  a number of partners have built products using SCVMM as a platform by using the powershell based API. This article tells you how to tune SCVMM for use in VDI environments.