TerminalServicesLog launches Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor

The company behind TerminalServicesLog has launched another product to provide logging and monitoring for another RD Components, the RD Gateway: Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor.

Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor is first application designed for monitoring Remote Desktop Gateway role service in the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R1 and R2. Built-in reports and alerts enable you to be notified easily and quickly about security and efficiency issues, help you meet compliance standards and optimize IT infrastructure investments.

The typical usage scenario for this product sounds like this: you have a TS/RDS farm which end users are accessing through RD Gateway that is running on top of the Remote Desktop Services. It would be great to know users' activity history - what was the destination server of each user, connection time information, network traffic, monthly or daily activity overview. That type of information is not available in RD Gateway by default.

This is where Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor fits in. It includes all the information above, which can be delivered to you in a 4 different ways: through reports, real time alerts, email notifications or on a live dashboard.

It helps you meet compliance standards by recording all users' activities and enforcing compliance with legal and regulatory policies.

Try it yourself at

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