Internet Explorer Redirection in Quest vWorkspace 7.2

This article shows how you can integrate non-VDI compatible applications like Google video conferencing into your virtual desktop with the use of the Internet Explorer Redirection in Quest vWorkspace 7.2.

A new feature in 7.2 to improve end user experience is Internet Explorer redirection. This feature allows/causes all IE browser content that is accessed on the server side (VM or TS) to be opened/played using the IE browser on the client physical desktop.

A good practical example I came across recently was with a customer using a web based video conferencing service. Rather than redirecting the USB camera to the Virtual Desktop and redirecting the video (flash) back to the client device it makes much more sense to just redirect Internet Explorer. This reduces any unnecessary load or overhead on the network and as we are making use of the clients Internet Explorer performance is perfect.

There are however some pros and cons;


  • Frees up resources on the server infrastructure.
  • Frees up bandwidth requirements.


  • If using Linux or Mac clients you will need to create separate VM/TS pools so Internet Explorer is not redirected. This is because Internet Explorer is unavailable to the OS’s.
  • If the user is connected externally and no VPN is connected, there may be no connectivity to local resources such as intranets.

A video on the page shows Internet Explorer redirection with Google’s video conferencing.


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