FREE 188 page Administrating VMware View book

The great Mike Laverick has decided to make his book on VMware View available for free download. You can still pay for it and you should think about it because all money goes to UNICEF.

Although the book is about VMware View 4.5 only, there is a lot to be learned that will apply to other solutions that use VDI as well. Here’s are some of the chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Virtual Desktops

Chapter 2: Install a Connection Server

Chapter 3: Post Configuration of Connection Server

Chapter 4: Install the Agent in the Virtual Desktop

Chapter 5: Install the Local Mode Client

Chapter 6: Publish an Individual Virtual Desktop

Chapter 7: Publish a Dedicated Virtual Desktop Pool

Chapter 8: Publish a Floating Virtual Desktop Pool

Chapter 9: VMware Composer and Linked Clones

Chapter 10: Refresh, Recompose and Rebalance

Chapter 11: Enabling Local Mode

Chapter 12: Enabling “Kiosk Mode”

Chapter 13: Publishing Terminal Servers (TS) /Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Chapter 14: Microsoft Group Policies

Chapter 15: VMware User Experience

Chapter 16: Install a Connection Server Replica

Chapter 17: Install a Security Server

Chapter 18: Load Balance Security Servers

Chapter 19: Create & Apply Certificates


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