Aqua Connect Releases the First Load Balancing Agent Created Specifically for Mac Terminal Services

Aqua Connect announced the release of the Aqua Connect Load Balancer. The Aqua Connect Load Balancer is the only intelligent load balancer created specifically for Mac remote desktop services so far.

The Aqua Connect Load Balancer was developed and designed to work exclusively with the Aqua Connect Terminal Server. The load balancer works in the same manner as an IP load balancer but takes into account several intelligent factors. The load balancer is advanced enough to take multiple variables into account including the overall capacity of the server, free memory, free processor space and free disk space. Once the load balancer receives an incoming connection, the connection is routed to the server with the most available resources. The ability to use any number of servers for a Mac terminal services deployment allows organizations to meet the need for server redundancy and failover. With Appleā€™s announcement of the end of the Xserve line of servers, redundancy of system components has become a common concern for enterprise customers. The Aqua Connect Load Balancer ensures customers that their Mac terminal services deployment will have the necessary redundancy to operate under most conditions.

Any Mac OS X device, even those devices running OS X client, can function as the Aqua Connect Load Balancer. As long as the device is accessible on the network, the Aqua Connect Load Balancer will properly on load connections as they are received. The load balancer can also enhance network security by acting as an outward facing service allowing for a single TCP/IP address and ports to be used for all incoming terminal server clients.


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