21Mar/110 has a new logo

As you may or may not have noticed, has gotten a new logo. I would love to know what you think!

In stead of fondling about myself, I used an actual graphical designer to built the logo for me. The logo is supposed to depict the information in the middle, surrounded by the consumer/end-user on the one end and IT on the other. They are both about the information, yet they approach it from different directions but still interact with each other. Well, I though that was applicable to what I write about because in the end it is all about information. Whether that information comes to you via an app, a desktop in the cloud or on your iPad. It is all about information. So there you have it. A new logo with a story. Let me know what you think if you want.


In case you are wondering, this is the company that created the new logo (and more actually): (Dutch only currently – but they do speak English Glimlach )

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